• Market Leader in Turbo Blower Technology

    Market Leader in Turbo Blower Technology

    USHA NEUROS supplies of turbo blowers for water treatment plant and variety of applications in India.
  • Efficient, Quality

    Efficient, Quality

    Advanced aerospace technology, energy efficiency and quality are the driving forces behind our products. Reliable and low maintenance, USHA Neuros Turbo Blowers provide our customers with environmentally sustainable solutions in a variety of different applications.
  • Entry into the Indian Market

    Entry into the Indian Market

    Founded in 2018, USHA NEUROS TURBO LLP. Joint venture company promoted by USHA Compressors Pvt. Ltd.(India) and NEUROS Co., Ltd.(Korea) We have established manufacturing facilities and a service network in India to provide better service to our customers.

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About us

Founded in January of 2018, USHA NEUROS TURBO LLP. Joint Venture Company promoted by USHA COMPRESSORS PVT. LTD.(India) and NEUROS CO., LTD.(Korea) It leverages the core competencies of the two multinationals.

USHA company has been established in 1993 and since then we are manufacturing the TWIN/TRI Lobe Compressors (Roots Type Blowers) & Vacuum Pumps and marketing through various sales outlets in India as well as abroad. They are highly experienced technocrats in the field of TWIN/TRI Lobe Compressors (Roots Type Blowers) & Vacuum Pumps manufacturing added with the backup of total infrastructure of above stated products. These products are as per Swiss design and covering a wide range of Air volume and Pressure to meet the specific requirement of customers.
Neuros Co., Ltd. is a global leading company in turbo blower industry, established in May 2000, by aerospace engineers. The company was founded with the purpose of achieving global competitiveness in the field of turbo machine technology. With years of experience in the research and development of gas turbine engines, used in aircraft, and production know-how of turbo machineries, On May 2004, Neuros has succeeded in developing Turbo Blowers NX series, and started to produce them as main product. Neuros has the most experience in the world with over 5,000 units installed in the world in the high-speed turbo blower. As a result, Neuros acquired a premium brand reputation for a high efficiency technology and the eco-friendliness.
NEUROS Co., Ltd.

Mission & Vision


Based on the advanced technology, we provide innovative solutions to our customers and fulfill our social responsibilities to the environment and energy.


Always, USHA NEUROS is challenging to reach a new milestone in high technology.

The Philosophy

Customer First Spirit

We thrive for utmost technological advances and best quality for the utmost customer satisfaction and committed to achieve the same under any condition (circumstances).

Creative Company Culture

Only changes of awareness can make creative ideas, we share and practice the ones for a new world.

Life is not fun if the company is not fun.

Every employee has to be a winner on the stage of life. Employee happiness leads to customer satisfaction.


Turbo blowers NX series, which was developed born from the state-of-the-art aerospace technologies only Neuros, is a masterpiece boasting the highest performance and excellent reliability. The combination of highly efficient impeller, air bearing and PMSM guarantees the highest performance as well as eco-friendly and user-friendly.NX series is widely applied to industrial process, water and waste water treatment.

Turbo compressors NC series is a low-pressure compressor that provides the operating range of 1.1 ~ 2.0 kgf/㎠ G. NC series is combined with aerodynamic design centrifugal compressor, air bearing and high-speed motor, proving an accurate pressure points on the application without the pressure loss or decompression, and will improve the productivity of customers through excellent reliability and supreme efficiency.


Performance Test

Each blower core unit is tested in our advanced test-rigs in compliance with standard for performance test. The design, production and service of turbo machinery are certified every year according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. The procedures of performance test are conducted at regular intervals according to ASME, ISO and API international standards 

During the Test, each blower is operated at maximum design load for 3–10 operating hours, depending on the operating point. The test procedures have been developed during decades of testing thousands of turbo blowers and must fulfill the following purposes.

• Provide data over the entire specified operational range for the quality approval.
• Provide data for the automated power saving program with variable element technology.
• Provide specific and statistical data as feedback for the compressor design program.
• Provide to the customer documentation of the performance data and the performance range in the form of a graphic presentation

The test will be conducted by an experienced engineer in cooperation with the test-bed foreman according to international standards. The complete test procedure is witnessed either by the customer itself or a third party, i.e. an inspector from an independent and neutral inspection company 

• Compliant with ISO 5389:2005, PTC 10-1997

Overspeed Spin Test

The Objectives of 
Overspeed Spin Test

1. Overspeed Spin Test
The rotating parts which are rotating at very high speed, such as impeller, turbine wheel, fan, etc., may burst suddenly due to material imperfection and high stress level from centrifugal loading even within the designed life span. Overspeed Spin Test is a very effective quality assurance method to verify the mechanical integrity of a rotating component. As the final inspection step, the test can detect not only potentially dangerous micro defects in material but also improper application of materials, omission of heat treatment process and local weakness of metal structure. Overspeed Spin Test is essential for those products which require high quality levels in safety. Structural integrity of Neuros’ impeller is verified by a Spin Test at a rotational speed of 120%.

2. Low Cycle Fatigue(LCF) Test
This test is required to control and guarantee the life span of rotating components which undergo cyclic loading. In this test, the cyclic operating condition is simulated by the spin tester. 

3. Burst Test
In this test, the rotating speed is increased until the rotating part bursts in order to check the actual burst point and safety factor. Usually, this test is conducted in the research & development stage, and is essential for the products of which burst may bring a serious loss of properties and/or may cause severe harm to people. 

4. Strength Improvement
Before final machining, rotate the part at very high speed so that the stress level in the rotating part – usually rotor bore – reaches yielding regime. This process improves the strength of the component.

1.) Rotor Diameter – Max. 500mm

2.) Rotor Length – 515mm (including mandrel)

3.) Rotor Weight – 50kg (including mandrel)

4.) Test Speed – Max. 125,000 rpm up to 50kg & Max. 200,000 rpm up to 10kg (including mandrel)

Vibration Test

Model Test

• Natural frequencies and mode shape
• Sensors : accelerometers, laser and stroboscope

Fatigue Test

• High Cycle Fatigue Test (HCF) of structure
• Examples : Endurance limit of blade and vane

High Cycle Fatigue Test                                     Vibration Analysis

Vibration Environment

• Simulation for actual dynamic environment such as vibration and shock
• Components for vehicle, train, airplane and ship




Vibration Test


Exciter Type

Nominal Force4000 / 4000 / 8000 N(Sine / Random / Shock)
Frequency Range2~3,000 Hz
Amplitude(p-p)50.8 mm
Max. Velocity1.7 / 1.7 / 2.0 m/s (Sine / Random / Shock)
Max. Acceleration54 g
Max. Test Load100 kg
Suspension Stiff.50 N/mm


Difference between geometric center and mass center(dot)
Vibration by disproportion of mass

Objective of overspeed spin test

Generally, the geometric center doesn’t coincide with the center of mass in real cases in rotating parts due to machining tolerance and material nonuniformity even though they are made precisely as much as possible. Therefore, it is very natural that a newly manufactured rotor has a certain level of unbalance force, which is a common source of vibration in rotating machinery and its intensity is proportional to the square of rotational speed. However, the unbalanc force must be controlled under the predetermined level by balancing, otherwise it can deteriorate the dynamic stability of rotor-bearing system, reduce the life of bearing supports and generate abnormal sound and vibration. Balancing is a correction process of the discrepancy between geometric center and center of mass in rotors.

Soft Bearing Type

1.) Model : BT 25/50 BENCH BALANCER
2.) Manufacturer : HEINS BALANCING

1.) Purchased in 2003
2.) Weight of rotor
3.) Small range : 14g ~ 9kg
4.) Middle range: 224g ~ 27kg
5.) Max. length of rotor: 813mm
6.) Max. diameter of rotor : 610mm
7.) Balancing Precision: Grade 0.4 (ISO 1940)

Hard Bearing Type

1.) Model : H100BT
2.) Manufacturer – Koeng., Co. Ltd
3.) Purchased in 2008
4.) Weight of rotor : 0.5g ~ 150kg
5.) Max. distance between supporting point : 1,300mm
6.) Min. distance between supporting point : 10mm
7.) Max. diameter of rotor : 735mm
8.) Balancing Precision : 0.2g.mm (ISO 2953)
9.) Rotor Rotation : 200 ~ 5,000 RPM

  • Balancing Condition :: Compliant with ISO 1940/1







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